Public Service Announcement (PSA)

PSAs are like short commercials but rather than trying to see something like a commercial, a PSA attempts to raise awareness  about a problem or issue and/or persuade or encourage the audience to solve a problem. They usually include a tagline (Give a Hoot; Don't Pollute or Just Say No!) and call to action.

English &  Social Studies Films

Science Classroom Films

Many of these youth-produced films are instructional, films that teach or inform an audience about a topic

(a concept, skill or how to accomplish a task). 

Social Issue Films

Youth and civic media in the classroom is one way to engage in integrating civic media literacy learning experiences in a variety of curricular areas and across grade levels. The selection of films in this category are produced by students in classrooms ranging from elementary school to high school, and all address current events and issues through student voice. 

Teacher Produced

Professionally Made Films