Advancing ARTS Leadership

Learn, Teach, Lead

Every Child, Every Art

The Advancing Arts Leadership curriculum is for teachers to learn skills in six art forms, to then teach and integrate the arts in their classroom and provide leadership in their school. This curriculum informs the professional development programs of the BYU ARTS Partnership.


Build Personal Skills 



Build Pedagogical Skills 



Build Advocacy Skills 


The Advancing Arts Leadership curriculum is developed for generalist K-6 teachers to build personal skills, pedagogical skills, and leadership skills in the arts. Advancing Arts Leadership is the official curriculum used in the BYU ARTS Partnership Professional Development Programs to help elementary school teachers achieve the Desired Learning Outcomes of those programs.


We believe every child in every classroom benefits from having arts experiences every day.  Arts learning develops habits of mind and essential skills for personal satisfaction and lifelong success such as perseverance, observation, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving. The arts provide an opportunity to develop and express personal voice, empathy for others, and builds character and competence over a lifetime. 

Learn Six Art Forms

Teach and Integrate the Arts


What is Art?

  • Explore the nature and purpose of art through various aesthetic theories and approaches to art.
  • Find strategies for facilitating arts-based conversations in the classroom.
  • Learn various forms of abstraction used by artists to successfully shift from representative to non-representative art.


Why Teach the Arts?

Study evidence, research, and activities describing the unique benefits of arts education.

Participants will:

  • Experience academic rigor
  • Improve cognition
  • Learn social and emotional skills
  • Develop physically
  • Practice resiliency

How to Teach the Arts

  • Explore the Four Studio Structures for Learning. 
  • Learn best practices for modeling and demonstrating in the arts.
  • Study questioning strategies used when students are creating or critiquing art.
  • View suggestions for producing visual art exhibitions and performances.
  • Review classroom management for creative learning.

Arts Integration

  • Learn the basics of arts integration.
  • Read various definitions of arts integration.
  • Understand three different models of arts integration:
    • Multidisciplinary integration
    • Interdisciplinary integration
    • Transdisciplinary integration

Become a Leader


Adult Learning Arts

Build an Arts-Rich School

Discover school-wide strategies that improve your school arts culture.


Adult Learning the Arts

Get Parents Involved

Learn how parents can play a role in the effort to increase access to arts experiences.


Adult Learning Arts

Partner with Professional Organizations

Access resources for field trips, in-school performances, artist-in-residence, and professional development.


Adult Learning Arts

Work with Administrators

Share strategies with administrators for hiring and supporting art-form specific programs.

What People Are Saying

I was one of those teachers who thought that art was something that happened in the art room with the art teacher and not in my classroom. Through this process I learned that art is the way to engage students. It's a way to deepen their learning and understanding, and it's a way for them to show their learning through an authentic, meaningful task. So not only has my understanding of art grown, but also my love and appreciation for art. So thank you for this opportunity.

Lisa Fenn, Alpine School District

As we work with struggling students and repeat the same information, we're reminding them about the things they're terrible at. That's not a great way to learn. The arts totally engage, liven, and bring some excitement to the subjects that students might dread. Students' minds make connections to important information through acting or embracing the colors of watercolor painting. Thank you for helping us engage these students in new and creative ways.

Robert Smith, Alpine School District

DeAnn Sanders explains how Arts Leadership Academy gave her the confidence to write a musical for her school and include over 100 children in the experience. Click her photo to watch the video.

Lori Nickerson tells how Arts Leadership Academy encouraged her to try new things and create a playful classroom by teaching through the arts. Click her photo to watch the video.

Jackie Webster relates how Arts Leadership Academy built her leadership capacity to help other teachers at her school incorporate the arts, and how integrating the arts into other curricular areas makes teaching more effective. Click her photo to watch the video.

Liz Brown tells how Arts Leadership Academy gave her the research data to validate her use of arts in her classroom, and how she was able to have grade-level and even school-wide arts activities to give children wonderful experiences. Click her photo to watch the video.