Native American Maps

Maps of the past and maps of the present to use in the classroom

Native American Maps


Ancestral Lands of Tribal Nations 


Present Day Reservations 

Historic NACI Map


Modern NACI Map


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NHMU Virtual Tour: Native Voices

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Utah Division of State History

Journey through Utah's prehistoric archaeology sites, covering 13,000 years of history! These maps represent archaeological sites across Utah from five historic periods.


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American West Center

Native Places is a spatial humanities project from the American West Center. It consists of an interactive, layered map centered on Utah and the Intermountain West that encompasses the homelands of the state's traditionally associated tribes and Indigenous cultures. The map records and restores Indigenous place names to major landscape features and select historical and cultural sites.


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Maps for Land Acknowledgement


Native Land Maps and Territory Acknowledgement

Land Acknowledgement is a way that people can show awareness of Indigenous presence and land rights in everyday life. Read about acknowledging territories at in their article linked here.

Maps of 574 federally recognized tribal nations


Maps of all 574 Federally Recognized Sovereign Nations

Bureau of Indian Affairs

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